Talks and Workshops Available for Your Organization

Steve Frankel and other members of the Center for Collaborative Psychiatry, Medicine, and Psychology provide educational programs.

Talks emphasizing the Comprehensive Assessment and Treatment Process we have evolved at the Center for Collaborative Medicine, Psychiatry and Psychology. The following topics are covered in these talks:

Presentations elaborate:

  • Aspects of the clinical processes that emphasize the authenticity and mutual discovery required in any effective clinical process.
  • The subjectivity of the clinical situation as it restricts the certainty of both the clinician’s and the patient’s impressions.
  • The requirement that patient and psychiatrist engage in a dedicated collaborative effort as they find their way.

The Management of Complex Treatments, with Emphasis on the Creation and Coordination of a Multi-Disciplinary Treatment Team

At the Center we are especially interested in the contribution of teamwork to improving treatment outcome. In these presentations we will describe:

  • The development and management of a treatment team.
  • The role of the Medical Psychiatric Coordinating Physician (MPCP), who must retain and integrate all the information required to understand a complex case; be able to speak knowledgeably with other involved professionals; understand the complex interpersonal dynamics that are inevitable when patient, providers, and family members are involved; prioritize the clinical issues; monitor the ongoing clinical process; and synthesize all these components to insure the most powerful outcome.
  • As the strategist-coordinator for the treatment team, the MPCP also develops outcome measures for monitoring the work.
To find out about scheduling a presentation, please contact me.