Collaborative Psychiatric-Neuropsychological Assessment and Treatment

Collaborative Psychiatric-Neuropsychological (CPN) Assessment and Treatment involves a psychiatrist and neuropsychologist working together with a patient to unravel the complexities of that person’s psychiatric and neuropsychologically-based difficulties. Emotions, complex brain functions, psychological factors, and physical health are deeply intertwined. Also, commonly they are considered separately, leading to misdiagnosis, treatment fragmentation, and in many cases to treatment failure.

In applying Collaborative Psychiatric-Neuropsychological Assessment and Treatment, neuropsychologist¬†Diane Engelman, PhD and I work with the patient and often the patient’s family. Each of us is a team member and Diane remains available throughout treatment for ongoing input from her psychological/neuropsychological test findings. Diane has twenty-five years of experience as a neuropsychologist administering “personality” and neuropsychological assessments. Our combined specialization addresses “clinical complexity” and allows us to diagnose and manage disorders that are difficult to understand and treat.

Diane H. Engelman, PhD is a California licensed clinical psychologist. Her approach is collaborative and consistent with a method called “collaborative therapeutic assessment.” She is a faculty member of the international Therapeutic Assessment Institute based in Austin, Texas and speaks nationally and internationally on the collaborative approach to psychological and neuropsychological assessment.