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Psychiatric Evaluation & Treatment of Complex Problems

I specialize in the assessment, coordination and treatment of complex cases involving adults, adolescents and children. These situations frequently consist of a mixture of psychological, family and, at times, medical issues. I help my patients and their families deal with all aspects of their difficulty and work with them to come up with and implement the best possible treatment plan.

I am a psychiatrist with Board Certification in General Psychiatry as well as Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. I provide a broad range of psychiatric evaluation and treatment, as well as consultation for other professionals.

The services I offer include:
  • Psychiatric evaluation and treatment of adults, adolescents, and children
  • Medical-psychiatric treatment coordination
  • Psychotherapy that is time limited and monitored for effectiveness
  • Psychiatric medication
  • Consultation and collaboration with other specialists
  • Consultation groups for psychotherapists and allied professionals, offering continued education credit for psychologists, MFTs, and social workers

Please refer to the Services page for more details.

What's different about the way I work:

Integration and Coordination of Complex Treatments
I work with my patients and their families to make sense of their problems, their causes and the reasons they are not resolving. Together, we address all the important medical, psychological, and social issues, along with any other factors that might be involved. I evaluate the patient, confer with any needed specialists, create and implement treatment plans, and write successive reports, tracking results.

Collaboration with the Patient, Family, and Other Specialists
When a person’s psychiatric or medical-psychiatric condition is complicated, the opinion of a single professional working alone may be insufficient to determine the best approach to treatment. In situations like these, I work together with other specialists who can perform needed testing and provide other important services. As required, I assemble and coordinate a treatment team, with the patient and his or her family as integral members. By working in this comprehensive way, diagnosis is more likely to be accurate and treatment distinctly more on target.

To learn more about either of these approaches, please refer to the How I Work page or view my Collaborative Psychiatry Method fact sheet. To learn more about my services or explore the possibility of working with me, please call me at (415) 456-6611 or Email Steve.

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